“Strange Negotiations is an absorbing and painfully honest movie; Bazan has no interest in presenting a façade. Instead, he’s honest about his pain and his struggles and his hope.”


“Brandon Vedder’s Strange Negotiations is a music documentary whose interest goes beyond the usual realms of performance footage and personality since Bazan is so forthcoming about the ‘breakup with God’ that continues to impact his art, career and life.”

Pop Axiom

“an extremely impressive documentary about a great musician’s spiritual journey”


“a deeply personal and heartfelt documentary”

“a brave and honest piece of filmmaking and, in a time where the exploration of faith and thought is often relegated to the sidelines and left in the realm of scholars and academia, the film has brought a piece of cerebral filmmaking to the arthouse circle and will certainly make an impact on viewers of all backgrounds”


“Strange Negotiations is a poetic and deeply personal documentary about the loss of faith and the struggle to find oneself.”

REEL Spirituality

“a journey into the wilderness, from community to isolation to community again, but one rooted in something more ambiguous, sure, but also more gracious, open, and, again, true.”

The Grey Estates

“There’s a level of radical vulnerability shown over and over within Strange Negotiations. It needs to be at the forefront of what we’re lifting up in terms of modern masculinity.”

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